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Hach® Pocket Pro Testers


Hach® Pocket Pro Testers

Item# 2510400
9531000 E Pocket Pro, pH, tester
9531100 E Pocket Pro, ORP, tester
9531200 E Pocket Pro, TDS low range, tester
9531300 E Pocket Pro, TDS high range, tester
9531400 E Pocket Pro, Conductivity low range, tester
9531500 E Pocket Pro, Conductivity high range, tester
9531600 E Pocket Pro, Salt, tester
9531700 E Pocket Pro, Temp, tester
9531701 E Pocket Pro, Temp, Repl. sensor
9532000 E Pocket Pro+ pH tester with replaceable sensor
9532100 E Pocket Pro+ ORP tester with replaceable sensor
9532700 E Pocket Pro+ Multi 1 tester for Cond/TDS/Sal with replaceable sensor
9532800 E Pocket Pro+ Multi 2 tester for pH/Cond/TDS/Sal with replaceable sensor

Each package includes a tester, 4 AAA batteries, and lanyard. For pH and Conductivity tests also includes a calibration Singlet™

Take the Guesswork Out of Water Testing Hach Pocket Pro and Pocket Pro+ testers use sensor technology to deliver accurate results for many water testing applications. The family of 12 testers offers convenient portable solutions for pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, salinity, and temperature. The Pocket Pro+ testers take the value a step further with replaceable sensors, powerful backlight, and multi-parameter tester options.


Full User Manual     Easy Calibration Steps (English)     Easy Calibration Steps (Spanish)