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Meet Dr. H2O

Dr. H20 here, AquaChek’s resident water specialist.


Water isn’t very complicated: Two hydrogen atoms bond to one oxygen atom and voila, you have one of life’s essential compounds: water. We can’t live without it and for most of us, we can’t imagine playing without it.  Personally, I like an early morning swim and I want my pool as clean and brilliant as I am!

Here are my suggestions for keeping your pool, spa or hot tub healthy.

Water Testing Basics:

You don’t need a PhD in chemistry to keep your pool and hot tub clean and healthy.

  • Water quality tests, strips and kits, usually take less than a minute and provide the information needed to help keep the water clean and balanced.
  • This website provides everything you need to know to keep your pool water balanced and clean.

Keeping your water healthy isn’t difficult.

  • Testing with test strips and kits is quick and accurate.
  • Automatic cleaners and sanitation systems save time and work.
  • Keeping a "routine to clean" helps water stay balanced.

Test strips are just as accurate as liquid kits.

  • Liquid kits require counting drops and special techniques. AquaChek™ Strips require only a dip and NO special technique.
  • Test strips provide accurate and reliable results. First proven in the medical industry, for blood glucose and urinalysis tests, the same technology is used for the pool and spa industry, just as effectively.

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